Frequently asked questions

What is Virality?

Virality is a measure of how well the blog is doing on social media. It is a score over 50 calculated using various social sharing metrics

How does a post become a "top post?"

Posts are ranked based on factors like virality (see previous question), clicks in the website and a secret ingredient

How can you prevent cheating

There's a system in place to make sure that people can't boost their click counts. We can't stop a truly determined cheater, but each IP address only gets one click counted, and robots don't count

How does this website work?

Every 15 minutes, our crawler goes through the blogs listed and looks for newly posted posts. The crawler then ads new posts to our database and publishes them on the website

Who is behind this website?

My name is Mustapha Hamoui. I design and develop websites as a hobby. I have a couple of blogs too

What technology is being used?

This website wouldn't have been possible without The Laravel Framework, the Simple Pie Library, jQuery and other libraries