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I'm Kahlil Pfaff and I journeyed from Virginia to Beirut to live and serve with children as a social worker. These are my stories and reflections on life.

6 hours ago
eTobb Android App Review
eTobb is an online platform connecting doctors and patients….etc…etc…etc…Now that we decided to move past the u...
7 hours ago
Easter with Little Cake
Little Cake is a pastry Shop where you feel pampered. Their cupcakes, cakes and, cookies are made with the freshest ingr...


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7 hours ago
Rumour: HTC hires former Samsung marketing executive
It has been reported that HTC might have hired Paul Golden, the former Samsung marketing executive whose previous experi...


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9 hours ago
Why Capitalism Isn’t Working for Dummies
In the past few years, as I got more and more involved with movements and groups advocating for change, equality and jus...


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9 hours ago
NGNO review
I reviewed the best food blog around, No Garlic No Onions (NGNO) for Outlook. See what I had to say here!Enjoy, and ch...
9 hours ago
Arcadia - Top Stoppard.
   Arcadia is a wonderfully written play in 1993 by Tom Stoppard that examines the relationships between the past and ...

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